Tuesday, 09.22.15

Happy Tuesday and Happy Birthday to my Awesome husband, Jerry! If you see him today, tell him Happy Birthday! 🙂

Wanted to remind everyone that we have a “CFU Function” coming up on Friday night! Not sure how it snuck up so fast!! We are meeting at MiTolteca off Rt C at 7pm then after going to Cosmic Bowling around 9ish. Hope lots can make it! I hear JennyB, Alex and Jimmy are bringing their own balls! 😉 Should be a good time!! 

Also a reminder that there will be a pullup progression clinic on Sunday at 2pm. Come see what’s going on there then stay for the WOD! 


Front Squat: 5×1 w/5s pause @80% 
Tuesday Tabata!  




Calorie Row 

(8 rounds each of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest-lesser score counts) Scales: 6,5,4 rounds 

TEC WOD: 4x800m (2 Blvd runs) with 2min rest between intervals; stay within 10 seconds for each effort(Instructor led at 5:15am)

Advanced WOD: For Time: 

8 MU 

40 DU 

12 power snatch 135/95 

8 MU 

40 DU 

9 power snatch 155/105 

8 MU 

40 DU 

6 power snatch 175/115 

**Keep in mind for the advanced WOD, you must be able to do the movements Rx and the weights within 15-20#; there’s a reason it is called an Advanced WOD 

On a side note, if you’ve noticed that someone hasn’t been to the box lately, reach out to them…you never know what one little text can do for a person! 

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed! 


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