Tuesday, 8.26.14

think about when started

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”~Thomas A. Edison

When you feel like giving up, remember why you started in the first place! Are you better than you were yesterday? A week ago? A month ago? A year ago? I know I am! And I don’t want to go back!! When you have that little voice in your head saying, “what in the hell are you doing?”, remember your goals, remember why you are working so hard! Keep after it everyone…You’re going places! πŸ™‚

REMEMBER to leave your ACH form and voided check on my desk Tuesday. I will be processing the information this weekend. Payments will be withdrawn on the first business day of the month and will be paid to “Mid-MO Fitness LLC”. Thanks for your cooperation in this transition! If you haven’t taken a look at the article “CrossFit Problems: Trading Weaknesses”, take special note of #1…Spreadsheets are on the glass case if you would like to use one of those to keep track of personal bests or I uploaded a form as well; just scroll down a bit on the blog.

VERY Proud of everyone who made it to the box today (yesterday too!)…Braving these crazy temps is commendable AND you’re beating everyone sitting on their couches in their AC!! πŸ™‚ A couple more days and we’ll see some relief! Hang in there!


SOME CLASS CHANGES…This will be the last week of 6:30am classes (there WILL be one on Thursday!).

MONDAY, Labor DAY-2 Classes-6:30am and 9am ONLY

TUESDAYS (starts on the 2nd)-I will be ADDING an 8:30am class (those who talked about it better show up! πŸ˜‰ )

MASTERS CLASSES will move to 9:30am starting on Sept. 2nd

That’s all for now πŸ™‚


Strength: Power Clean 5×2 (start at 70%, t&g)

EMOM 12min (alternating minutes)

15 Burpees on to plate 45/25 (facing plate)

5 Deadlifts 225/155


Advanced WOD

Strength: 5×2 Clean Pull + Power Clean

For Time:

9 Power Clean 155/115


7 PC


5 PC



Partner “Tosh”

3 rounds of 200m, 400m, 600m

*partner rests while other is running

Have an Awesome day, CFU Family!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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