Jennie Vogt

“My two oldest daughters have worked with Coach Roz in her volleyball clinics and Unstoppable Volleyball Academy for the last four years. I asked her to please help my oldest daughter learn volleyball when she was in 5th grade, as she loved the game but her dad and I didn’t know much about it and couldn’t help her. Coach Roz started running mini clinics for a handful of girls and as people started seeing their rapid improvement, more and more wanted to join in. Both of my daughters have benefitted both from the volleyball skill instruction, and from the agility and strength training they receive at UVA. People think you don’t need to strength train for volleyball, but it is such an integral part in building a better player. Coach Roz makes the workouts fun, and my girls always look forward to their UVA sessions. My oldest is now in high school and my second daughter is in 7th grade. Their volleyball skills and court awareness are so much improved that I have confidence they can play any position and make any team. We can’t thank Coach Roz enough. We will forever be grateful for the time she takes to help these players grow and develop.”

Courtney Brase

“After a couple seasons of Parks and Rec volleyball, I wanted to see if my girls were ready to move to the next level. A friend mentioned Coach Roz doing the Unstoppable Volleyball Academy. A mix of CrossFit style workouts and volleyball. We immediately signed up both girls for all the sessions available. The girls have gotten so much out of their time with UVA. They have learned so much from Coach Roz about being stronger, volleyball, and being a good person on and off the court. Strong young ladies doing what they love, learning from a great example!”

Aubrey Winkelman

“My daughter, Josie, attended all sessions of the Unstoppable Volleyball Academy with Coach Rosslan. Prior to starting UVA, Josie had some volleyball experience, but lacked confidence. During UVA she made so many improvements, and even more importantly, she gained confidence. Coach works hard to develop the athlete as a whole, giving the girls the tools to be successful. Her firm, fair coaching style is admirable, and the direction she provided was gentle, but effective. She pays special attention to each athlete and is sure to give individualized instruction to help them improve. I am so thankful Josie has had the opportunity to participate in UVA, and look forward to more opportunities for Josie to work with Coach Rosslan!”

Cathy Bailey

“After 4 years of club volleyball, UVA was a great option for us this year. Coach Roz is an awesome instructor and connects well with the girls. The learning environment was positive and encouraging. Our daughter improved in both strength and skill level during her time at UVA. Her coaches even noticed when she returned to the High School open gyms. UVA was a great, alternate to club that we will take advantage of again next year.”

Dana Daehnick

“My 10 year old daughter has attended a number of clinics and camps put on by the Unstoppable Volleyball Academy and has been pleased each and every time! Coach Roz pushes the kids in a positive manner, making each of them strive for their best. She runs volleyball drills along with playing games, making sure the kids have fun while learning! My daughter always felt the need to push her hardest and perform her best for Coach Roz. Not only did my daughter get to practice her volleyball skills, she also participated in agility and strengthening exercises which paid off in all of her sports! I strongly recommend the Unstoppable Volleyball Academy for all ages!!”

Lydia Mietzner

“UVA is such an incredible program and there are not enough words to describe the different aspects of life we noticed a change in our daughter after completing this past year at UVA. We watched our daughter gain an understanding and a passion for volleyball. She learned to encourage her teammates on and off the court, entry level skills (since this was her first introduction to the sport) and then how to take each skill she learned and put them into practice during each game! The best thing though is, we saw our daughter learn and gain was self-confidence! It was her place to go and decompress, to work hard and see the results of her hard work! She has grown so much just from one year at UVA and we are so excited to be a part of UVA again and again and again…. Thank You so much Coach Debbie for all the work you out into each session and into each girl!”

Tiffany Bayer

“Our daughter, Addie, attended one of the Unstoppable Volleyball Academy sessions last winter and it was a wonderful experience. Coach Rosslan is extremely knowledgeable and her positive energy is infectious and fun. Addie had such a wonderful experience during the winter session that we decided to start private lessons. Since participating in both the session and private lessons, Addie’s knowledge of the game and skills have improved greatly. While at the gym for volleyball, the CrossFit classes sparked her interest and she decided to give it a try. She was instantly hooked and truly loves her time in the gym. Since starting CrossFit, Addie’s strength and confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. We are grateful to Coach Rosslan and the CrossFit Unstoppable team for such a positive and impactful experience both on the volleyball court and in the CrossFit gym.”