Wednesday, 01.28.15

rig work

Happy Wednesday! The forms for CFU’s 3rd Birthday Bash are on the glass case! Please fill out the form and get them turned in by next  Tuesday! We are able to choose between two colors – purple and green for the shirts and I will post a pic once I get a closer shade from the printer. Should be up Wednesday afternoon or evening.


Every 90s for 12min
15/12 calorie row

100 DU or 400m run
5rds Cindy
80 DU or 400m run
4rds Cindy
60 DU or 400m run
3 Cindy
40 DU or 400m run
2 Cindy
20 DU or 400m run
1 Cindy

Scales: Start @ 80 DU/4rds Cindy or 60 DU/3rds Cindy

Bonus Work
3×20 weighted situps
3x1min wall sits
3×10 plank up/downs


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