Wednesday, 9.4.13

Mark your calendar for the next CFU event…SUNDAY, SEPT. 15th from 12:30-??? for a CFU Pool Party at Reese’s house. This is a reschedule from last month. There will be NO WOD that day…the box will be CLOSED so come to the CFU party! Meet some new people and catch up with everyone!. One last hurrah before fall comes! :)  Thanks Reese for hosting…we will bbq so there will be a sign up for food at the box.

Nutrition Challenge started today!!!!  There are still about 7 of you who haven’t got your measurements done…please do that by Thursday! And remember the performance challenge data needs to be turned into your team leader by tonight at 8pm! 🙂

September Special for the CF101…if you know of anyone who is interested send them our way…

Back to School…Back to Fitness!!

$75 for CF101 Training and Unlimited September Classes! If you bring a friend, he/she only pays 1/2 price…This is a GREAT deal, so take advantage today!

Contact Debbie to set up your first class and we’ll go from there…if you LOVE what you do (and we think you will), sign up for the 101 sessions, September 7th (10am-noon) or September 14th (10am-noon). If these times do not work out for you, you will need to set up an individual session for an additional fee. Check out the GET STARTED page for more information!

Want to change your life?? Call today!!

Remember, you MUST go through the CF101 classes before transitioning into the traditional classes; unless of course you have been training at another affiliate.

Happy Wednesday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



Strength: deficit push-up

3 rounds of: 10 reps of push-up on  45/25 lb plates

suck bucket work

suck bucket work for 10 min

max effort row, recovery row

10 rounds of: max reps of max effort row for 20 sec recovery row for 40 sec @50%



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