Avoiding the Holiday Snowball Effect…


You know it’s coming in the next 30-40 days…

You’ve built up good momentum, are already consistent and are feeling pretty good. 

You’re eating quality foods 80% + most of your days and you’re hitting your fitness consistently 3 to 5 times per week without deviation.

Your next greatest opponent to challenge all the behaviors and momentum you’ve built is right around the corner.

The holiday season.

The holiday season challenges all of that in its own unique ways. 

I know that if in the past you’ve gotten

  • Very stressed around the holidays,
  • Fallen off your nutrition routine
  • Lost consistency with fitness

That these patterns are likely to emerge and challenge you again and again.  


While the holiday season in an exciting time:

family gatherings,

delicious foods,

shared memories

and quality time with people we love,

it’s very natural and normal for our nutrition and fitness to take a small step back. 

How big of a step back is in your hands and your control. 

The snowball effect happens when that small step back turns into a walking backwards or in reverse.


At Thanksgiving, we are around people we love and we feast. We are in company we love and enjoy and we let our guards down temporarily.

We eat foods we wouldn’t or don’t normally eat on a regular day to day basis.

These tasty treats and variance throws our taste buds into extreme sensation and pleasure seeking mode.

This snowballs when one day with one meal turns into days or even weeks of over indulging or eating too much of those joy foods and not enough quality food. 

We are officially off our routine.

Then with Christmas around the corner our levels of stress are higher.

This leads to that need for a quick impulse or feel good to be even at a higher level, so we continue down this path.

As exciting as Christmas is for most of us, we can be in a constant state of stress about schedules, gifts, shopping, expectations or worries that we skip the gym more than get our daily dose of health, wellness and endorphins. 

Missing a day here or there is normal and isn’t going to derail your progress. 

It’s when we fall off our normal 3, 4 or 5 day a week fitness regime that we put ourselves in this hole that the further we get into it’s harder to get out of it. 

And when we do eventually make our return we are unfortunately met with difficulty, a feeling of everything is difficult and I’m winded so quick and easily.  Making the very thing you loved and enjoyed so regularly seem so difficult.

All challenging your will.

And then, New Years.

A classic time where people stay up later than normal, over eat snacks and drink alcohol to celebrate the closing of a year and beginning of another. 

The staying up late, food and alcohol combination throws off our entire daily rhythm and leaves us with more anguish than excitement. 

These factors in combination are the downhill snowball effect in full speed.

They challenge all the good behaviors, mindset/mentality and healthy consistent actions you’ve built up consistently over a long period of time. 


Aware – Acknowledge – Action 

Awareness, that’s the first step. 

Second, we must acknowledge. 

We can acknowledge that our nutrition will not be perfect over Thanksgiving and Christmas and that we will fully enjoy those meals and moments with loved ones, guilt free.

We acknowledge in advance that we will likely be around others (people we love) who don’t share the same will, drive, discipline or goals as we do.

Sadly, even the same desire for high levels of health and wellness.

(Friendly tip: If your family knows you as the “CrossFitter” or the “healthy person” or “workout nut” a couple of things may happen during this time of year…..

One  they may challenge your discipline or healthy ways or two – they may talk or communicate in a way that almost shames you for being so healthy or them for not.

I encourage you to not be reactive but to lead by example and allow your best self to show up in these instances. Meet them with unwavering love and understanding. What is really being said without actually being said is “I wish I had the level of discipline and commitment to my health as you do.”)

We acknowledge that although we may travel or need to do holiday shopping or be out of town, we will remain MORE consistent within the gym than not. 

Third step, the most critical is we take action

We take action in not letting ourselves spiral out of control due to 1-2 holiday indulgences. 

We take action in committing to a minimum amount of days within the gym per week because we know it will lower our stress, help keep moving us closer to our goals, bettering us daily and that if we don’t we dig a hole that the deeper it gets the harder to climb out. 

We take action in planning ahead.

We plan our schedules around our workouts. 

We plan what days we will be traveling. 

We plan what healthy and nutrient foods we will be eating a majority of our days. 

We plan to get back on track the meal or day after we eat “out of the norm.”

We plan ahead and we vow to not let 1 or 2 days where we eat out of routine (Thanksgiving and Christmas) make the other 30+ days a wash and set ourselves further away from our ultimate goal and actually hinder our progress, body composition and ultimately how we feel day to day. 

We know this time of year our healthy habits will be challenged the most.

We get ahead of that challenge by being aware it’s coming, acknowledging what we need to do and not do and taking and committing to action. 

Because the alternative? 

That snowball effect turns into an avalanche that some can never recover from. 

Here’s to stopping the SNOWBALL!

Thanksgiving Week Hours: Wednesday-Normal Schedule Thanksgiving-OPEN…9am Class Only Friday-Open Gym 6:30am-7:30am and 9am Class Saturday-Open Gym 7:45am and 9am Class

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed 🙂


Transformation Tuesday!

This time around I’m going to put myself out there…This summer (well, actually the last 18 months or so) has pretty much reeked havoc on my life…personally, physically, and emotionally.

All of these things made me go down a road that I did not want to be on. I didn’t focus on my health in the way that I should…I was talking the talk but I wasn’t walking the walk.

So towards the end of July, feeling sluggish and unmotivated I decided to “coach” myself and call upon an accountability partner to help get me through “August Accountability”.

I hated seeing those first numbers on the InBody reading as they were at my highest ever…this was a good time to start developing better habits – tracking my food, drinking more water, getting more sleep and moving a little more.

I did an InBody on 7/31 and five weeks later, I’m happy to say that I’m down 6.7#, added 1.1# of muscle and lost 3.2% body fat!

My workouts are so much better and I have more energy to do the things I need to get done! This stuff really works!

So are you ready to CHANGE for the better? If so, give me a shout and I can coach you 🙂 Just click HERE to set up a Free Intro!! I want to help YOU!!


How Did CFU Start?

CrossFit Unstoppable in Jefferson City, MO exists mainly because I saw the need to help individuals improve their health and become Better Than Yesterday. 

I got into the fitness industry because in 2009 I was at a low point in my life and as a Physical Education Teacher and Coach, I knew I needed to walk the walk instead of just talking…I made a commitment to myself that I would make a change and after a year, I did exactly that. This change in my life inspired me to join a CrossFit gym in Columbia, MO. 

Joining that gym got me into even better shape so I wanted to share this with others so…I went for my Level 1 for CrossFit Training in March of 2011. I started doing boot camps for the moms at my school and eventually was led to open up CrossFit Unstoppable in November of 2011. We are nearing almost 10 years in business! 🙂

Since opening the gym I have realized there is a tremendous need for helping ALL people with their health and fitness needs regardless of their age…from ages 4-84, there is a need to help in all areas of their physical, mental, social and emotional health.

Today we are even more invested in the lives of our members and their families with the  support system that our athletes have within the gym to help with their health. 

If you want to change your life for the better and become Better Than Yesterday, book a Free Consultation at


Sunday FUNday!

Many people use their Sundays as a rest day to rev up for the upcoming week…how do you spend your Sundays?

  • Nothing
  • Church
  • Spending time with family
  • Exercising
  • Meal Prepping
  • Watching Netflix 😉
  • Cleaning the house
  • Working

There are many things that one can tackle and it’s great to do nothing at all or mix a few things up here and there. I myself do almost all of the things listed (except for cleaning-least favorite thing to do unless it’s a barbell 😉 ).

The important thing is to take time for YOU! Do what makes you happy and JOYful! Fill up your cup so you have more to give in the upcoming week!

Here’s to a great week and many blessings on your Sunday FUNday whatever you choose to do! 🙂

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Exercising is just 10% of your Results!

When people come to CrossFit Unstoppable they think they are just going to workout…but we tell them that there is more to results than just a workout. 


Because nutrition is 80% of your results!

  • Do you drink enough water?
  • Do you regularly consume fruits and vegetables?
  • Do you know how much protein you should consume in a day?
  • How many times per day do you eat?
  • Do you know how many calories you should be consuming per day?
  • What is a typical day’s nutrition look like for you?

All of this we go over during our initial consultation we have with potential members. If you would like to find out how we can help with nutrition AND your fitness, direct message us or go to 

We want to help you become Better Than Yesterday one meal and one workout at a time! 

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed! 


How Can a Nutrition Coach Help…

Think about the last time you hired a coach or a mentor. How did they help you? 

We often think of coaches as guides. People who are the experts in a specific area and can help us on our journey. 

Nutrition coaches are guides to helping you become your healthiest self! 

Here are three ways our nutrition coaching program will help you:

  1. We are your guide! You don’t need a meal plan or piece of paper to be successful. You need someone to provide you with individualized support and create a customized plan just for you. 
  2. We keep it simple! While most diet programs want you to change all the things, we focus on the opposite, just one simple habit at a time. By keeping it simple, you feel confident and your success rate for maintaining those habits skyrockets! 
  3. Easy recipes the entire family will love! We provide you simple and easy recipe ideas based on your food preferences but that’s only one tiny piece of the puzzle. 

If you are tired of jumping from diet to diet or following something super restrictive only to fall off the wagon a few weeks or months later, we get it! 

You don’t need a restrictive diet, you need a healthy lifestyle and a guide to help you get there! 

Asking for help and taking the first step is often the most difficult but we are here to make that part easy!

Click the link for a FREE INTRO!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


The Gift of Resilience

When looking at your body composition goals there are often 2 competing thoughts: 

A quick fix and dramatic results are what you crave. 

There is nothing more you want than to get to your goals as fast as you can, but it often feels exhausting and overwhelming.


I need to learn habits that I can maintain long term.

Taking the time to get the desired results will help maintain these results, but it feels “not so sexy”.

Let’s examine what can happen with each approach.

Many of us have done restrictive challenges, fad diets and had amazing results, only to feel depleted and exhausted. Maintaining these behaviors is tough due to the rules and restrictions. The upside is the aesthetic results. Many people comment on how amazing you look. Inside, you may not feel the same. Fatigue and feeling deprived have been mentioned by some people who have adopted the quick fixes and are now searching for something sustainable. Without that sustainable approach, many people return to old ways.

Often time quick fixes and restrictive diets leave a person isolated. They don’t often promote the balance between real life and the diet. An example here is an event like a birthday or work party. On a restrictive diet, there is a temptation to not participate, not enjoy the event due to the foods or beverages involved. Instead, there is much to be learned about taking a planned break from a diet, having some “controlled fun” if you will and then challenging yourself to get back into a healthy routine after the event is done.

What is missing with these quick fixes is the time to learn habits that build your foundation. By taking your time to really learn different healthy behaviors, practicing them in real-life situations, building them into your routine, creates behaviors that are second nature and effortless. Another thing that is missing is the building of a healthier more resilient mindset that you have been able to overcome a setback and get back on track with healthy behaviors. Taking the time to learn healthy habits, a few at a time, and challenging yourself to commit to getting back on track after a time where you have gone off track builds resilience and mental toughness. 

Another thing that can happen that feels more far off by taking your time is that you are taking small steps each day to invest in your long term health. Each day, by working on habits, you are making internal gains on working on avoiding the burden of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. 

The challenge here is allowing yourself to appreciate what can be gained by taking the time to learn the process, trusting that by investing the time and effort in learning healthy habits that this will yield a healthier and happier, more resilient you for a lifetime. 

If you are looking for a healthier and more sustainable approach to achieving your goals, we recommend booking a free intro with our nutrition coaching staff!

Click here to book your free intro today: FREE INTRO


Nutrition Shouldn’t Be Complicated!

We understand that losing weight, and more importantly keeping it off, can be overwhelming. 

Here are 3 tips to get you started: 

  1. Focus on Non-Starchy Veggies. These are also known as volume carbohydrates. You can’t get enough of these! This will help fill up your stomach, provide you with fiber, vitamins and minerals without excess calories and carbohydrates. Pro Tip: Eat these first during mealtimes!
  1. Eat Your Calories, Don’t Drink Them. Liquids are much faster digested than solid food. This means liquids won’t leave you full and satisfied for very long. Instead of mindlessly drinking your calories, try to consume solid, real food!
  1. Plan Ahead. Try to prep 2-3 staples on the weekend. You can find a ton of healthy recipes HERE

For more tips, watch this video >>

If you still want more help on your nutrition journey, book a FREE CONSULT with one of our nutrition coaches!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


4 Recipes That You Are Guaranteed To Love!

(Pick at least one to prep this week!)

You don’t have to only eat chicken, broccoli and brown rice to see amazing results. 

Our top 4 recipes are sure to be a hit with the whole family.

#1 Egg Muffins

Change up the flavor by adding your favorites meats and veggies, or try our variation with sweet potato.

#2 Amish oatmeal

This baked oatmeal is a great option for the whole family. Top with you favorite fruit and nuts. To add extra protein, add in Bubb’s Collagen when cooking. This increases the protein to 24 grams of protein per 200 grams. 

#3 Meatloaf Muffins

At my house, we are huge fans of muffin tins. These delicious meatloaves are great reheated. Pair with roasted veggies and mashed cauliflower for a balanced meal!

#4 Pulled Chicken

This is one of the most versatile recipes we have. You can put it over a sweet potato or make a Mexican bowl. 

If you liked these, check out our recipe book. Fun fact: you can find all the nutrition facts for HSN recipes in MyFitnessPal, by typing Healthy Steps Nutrition Official then the food name. 

What is your favorite recipe? Let us know! 🙂

You can find more delicious recipes >>

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Clean Up Your Grocery Cart!

Ever find yourself in the grocery store wondering exactly what to buy to make healthier choices? There is so much confusion about what you need to do and which products are the best.

You choose items that say things like “low carb,” “low fat,” “no added sugar,” and “sugar-free,” but you just aren’t quite making progress. You aren’t sure if these items are an improvement, but you need something that is EASY? Well, keep reading for a list of items that will help clean up your grocery cart. 

The BEST tip that everyone should follow is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store first! Fill your cart with fruits, veggies, and lean meats. In most places, all of these items are NOT down the aisles, they are all around the edge or perimeter of the store. Once you have finished shopping the perimeter truck down the aisles for these staple items: 

  1. Snack Bars (Rx Bars or Low Sugar Kind Bars). General guidelines are to look for 7-14 grams of protein, 9-18 grams of carbohydrates, and 3-6 grams of fat.  
  2. Low-Calorie (lower sodium) frozen meals. Pair with salad, fruits, or veggies. 
  3. Deli Meat (low-sodium).  Pair with avocado, salad or veggies, and fruit for a quick lunch or with hummus for a quick snack.
  4. Pre-cooked brown rice and quinoa (you can save up to 45 minutes by doing this).
  5. Black beans in a can are a great source of fiber.
  6. SALSA!! It goes great on everything and is naturally low calorie.
  7. Frozen steam fresh veggie bags. Just pop them in the microwave.
  8. Dark Chocolate with 70% or more Cacao to curb a sweet tooth.

While this is NOT a comprehensive list of items to buy, it is a great start! Making small sustainable changes is the best way to achieve progress and keep it! If you need more accountability and help to make changes to your nutrition, book a free nutrition consult by clicking the link below! 

Click HERE to book a free consult with one of our nutrition coaches so we can help you with your nutrition!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!