We have been doing goal reviews here recently and it’s crazy how our mindsets work…Quit beating yourselves up!

Seriously. Stop.

Stop telling me how your WOD wasn’t impressive because your pullups were banded, or your run was slow, or your pushups were on your knees.

Stop feeling embarrassed that you have the least amount of weight on the bar, or finished last.

Stop thinking your WOD was unimpressive because you scaled.

Stop degrading yourself for not getting a PR, or a new skill, or the next modification up.

Stop all of it because YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

Stop it because no one else sees what you are doing as unimpressive, because no one else is judging you for your choices.

We are celebrating in your successes – even if you can’t see them yet.

You are in there.

You are fighting – fighting through the pain, through the misery, through the reps.

You are finishing – even if in last place, even if you use a band, or your knees, or a light”r weight, or reduced reps – you are finishing.

You are progressing – even if it doesn’t look like it at the moment, you are progressing. You are getting to your goals and finding your strength.

So stop judging yourself so harshly. Stop throwing yourself in the dumps because of a bad WOD. Stop holding your head low because of your scale.

I don’t even know some of you reading this, and yet I know that you are awesome. I know that you are trying, and hurting, and pushing. I know that you are improving and progressing. I know that every day you are fighting a battle, and on the whole, I know that you are winning.

Can you even begin to imagine what the athletes next to you know? Can you even comprehend how much you will grow when you start believing in yourself?”

Conceive, Believe, ACHIEVE!!!


When you step into CFU, remember that YOU are doing MORE than those who CHOOSE to sit on the couch!!

What are YOU going to do this week to BETTER yourself?? SHOW ME!!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Yeah, but…

This article deals with scaling…why do we have you scale? To MAKE YOU BETTER!!! Please focus on your overall goals and how some modifications can make you stronger and better in the long run!
Yeah But…
by Erica Saint Clair

“Dude, that was awesome, way to fight through”

…“Yeah, but I scaled”

As if scaling is something to be ashamed of, as if scaling is for the weak and the untrained.

As if scaling means you didn’t do the workout – or your workout was less worthy because you scaled.

It isn’t.

“You did SO good!”

…”Yeah, but I used a lighter weight”

As if choosing the right weight for you means you will never get stronger and work up to the Rx’d weights. As if it is somehow the weaker choice.

It isn’t.

“That was amazing, great job today”

…”Yeah, but I used a band”

As if you should feel guilty using a band for a week, a month, a year or a lifetime. As if the band is something to hate and despise.

It isn’t.

“Good job finishing, way to not give up!”

…”Yeah, but I was last”

As if where you finish matters more than THAT you finished. As if finishing last means your WOD was easy.

It doesn’t.

We are all in a constant state of scaling – even the elite of the elite, even the few who make it to the finals at The CrossFit Games

Double unders are scaled triple unders, MU are scaled weighted MU, 15′ rope climbs are scaled 20′ climbs.

Sure, they aren’t called for in the WODs today, but what about tomorrow?

Scaling is how you get from where you are now to your future kickass self.

Scaling is how you stay safe and healthy.

Scaling is how you improve your technique and learn to lift heavier.

Scaling is how you finish the workouts and feel obliterated after, using a band instead of just staring at the bar for 10 min willing yourself to get a pullup.

Scaling, is NOT, however, something to be ashamed of or something that you can use to write off your WOD as a poor performance.

So next time you are crumpled on the floor gasping for air, be proud that you choose the right scale for you.

Be proud that you killed the WOD, and that the WOD killed you.

You ARE a CrossFitter! Be PROUD of that and BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY!!!


Transformation Tuesday

More than the “numbers”…

Lindsey Howard

“For as long as I can remember, I longed to be skinny.  Not just thin, but super model SKINNY.  I developed earlier than other girls my age and throughout high school, I despised my muscular build.  My cure was to do as much cardio as I could stand and start a new crash diet on a monthly basis.  This cycle continued until my late 20’s. 

Fast forward through marriage, three back to back pregnancies, and a bunch of weight gained later…

I knew we weren’t having any more children and wanted to get control of my health/become the super model skinny version of myself I had always dreamed about.  I started an eating plan and in home workouts.  I was very motivated for a while and found success.  Then I got bored and motivation to get up in the morning to work out by myself became a struggle.  This is when I found CFU.

I was at a fundraiser with my husband and we were browsing the silent auction items.  I came across a one month membership to CFU available to bid.  I had heard about CrossFit through friends and they encouraged me to try.  It was something I was interested in, but let’s face it, the thought of CrossFit is INTIMIDATING and I always thought I needed to “get in shape” before I started.  However, after a little liquid courage at the fundraiser, I wrote my bidding number down.  I secretly had hoped someone would outbid me but, in the end, I was the lucky winner of a one month membership to CFU.  I immediately emailed the gym and scheduled my 101 with Coach Debbie.  The following Monday, I completed my first official WOD.  It was hard and I thought I was going to die, but I left the gym proud of myself and strong.  It was the start of me realizing my body is capable of some pretty amazing things.

Four years later, I still don’t look like I had once intended and I never will.  But I have come to value my body for what it can do rather than what it looks like.  Discovering my strength (and CFU) has put an end to a 20 year old war of me versus my body and that is a bigger transformation than what I had envisioned when I first stepped onto the black mat.”