Defeating the “Monday Blues”

And other things that get us down…

How many of you dread Mondays?? To be honest, when I was a teacher, I dreaded it! I always counted down the days til Friday because that’s when I could get some downtime. Back in the day, while I loved my job of teaching, I didn’t have the coping mechanisms in place to battle the stresses of raising a family, teaching and coaching.

Everything piled up together led to a poor attitude, lack of motivation and depression. I was stuck and didn’t know how to get out. Enough was enough in 2009, when I finally took back control of my life. I was tired of being sick and tired πŸ™ The pic represents about what I looked like…I may be smiling on the outside, but on the inside I had the blues…

I was a PE teacher so I should know what to do right? I tried…I set off to the gym at 4:30 every other morning to do “weights”; I stayed by the “baby weights” because I really didn’t know what I was doing (we only had the Nautilus machines in college) so I stayed in my little corner. I did some “cardio” on the days I wasn’t in the gym…my version of cardio is definitely not the same as today’s version (just ask the members!!)

Today marks my 10th anniversary of doing CrossFit…I’m in a better place physically and mentally. Everyone goes through a journey and everyone has to start somewhere…my first somewhere was getting sick of doing nothing about it…my second somewhere was wanting to do more for myself so I took the leap and called CrossFit United in Columbia and set up an intro course. BEST decision ever because the rest is history…

I definitely wouldn’t be writing this little piece on this website had it not been for that decision. I fought off a lot of “Monday Blues” back in the day, but today with nutrition and exercise I look forward to EVERY DAY! We are only given this day once and we are only given one body so do something remarkable with it!

Yes, today is Monday, but let’s make it BRIGHT – not Blue πŸ™‚

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Bright Spot Friday!

Happy Friday!! What have been some of your achievements or highlights of the week?

Some people dwell on what they “have” to do when really we should be focusing on what we “GET TO” do… Instead of:

*I have to get up early…I Get to get up and catch the sunrise…

*I have to go to work to…I Get to go to work so I can provide for my family.

*I have to load the dishwasher…I Get to do this instead of washing by hand!

*I have to pick up my kids from soccer…I Get to pick up my kids from an activity they love!

*I have to stand in line at the DMV…I Get to renew my plates on my car!

*I have to go the gym…I Get to go to a place where I am improving my health AND I Get to see some amazing people!

You get the picture, right…Focus on the positive in every situation and you’ll have more get to’s than you know what to do with! Have a Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Transformation Tuesday

So a confession here…I failed to post last night/yesterday; I had been watching a documentary and tried to log in to my account via my phone and my password wouldn’t work AND I was too lazy to come back to the computer last night and went to bed instead…So here I am at 5am on a Tuesday unable to sleep :-/

Instead of a typical transformation from someone else, let’s talk about YOUR transformation! The other day a memory popped up on Facebook of my son and I 11 years ago and it was about 4 months before I started my fitness journey. Oh how I never want to be back to that! I’ve taken quite the turn in the right direction and that’s where I want YOU to head as well!

Are you on the right path?

How has your fitness/health/nutrition been in the last 5 years…2 years…1 year…6 months…the present?

Has anyone gained the “Quarantine 15”? Or were you able to stay up with your fitness and health via online workouts or actually being able to go to the gym? Thankfully we were able to open back up at the end of April so a good 3 months. We still have some members who have yet to return but I’m hopeful that will change in a couple of months.

Those of you who HAVE been able to stay somewhat consistent, are you happy with your results or is there something missing? Do you need to get to the gym more, run more, take care of your nutrition, sleep more, meditate more or all of the above? I’m an “all of the above” gal…I just need to focus and schedule my time better. I like Tuesday and Thursday mornings because I get a bigger chunk of time in the morning when my mind is somewhat fresh to get a big chunk of work done. On a rare occasion I may make an appearance at an early CF class…may happen this morning if I can get some of my things done.

Any way…YOUR transformation…do you want to start today? Or do you want to make it to your goals faster? I can help with that…YOU just have to book an appointment with me πŸ™‚ FREE INTRO We can discuss the next steps OR we can talk about how to make your current plan BETTER! Everyone wants to be better, right?

Have a great Tuesday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Transformation Tuesday

Christine Core

During our last challenge, Christine was a real all star. She used the resources and accountability and made a huge difference in a short time.

Are you ready to make a change for yourself? Watch for details of our next Health Habits Challenge.

If you are ready to make a change for the better TODAY, reach out atΒ

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Some Monday Motivation

What’s Your Motivation? How do you keep going?

I asked some of my members a few months ago to tell me their “why”…Why do you show up at CFU? Why do you go through what you do on the mats? Why do you meal prep on the weekends? The most common answer was, “because I want to live a healthier life and set a good example for my family” – that is pretty much my why as well.

If you recall, I told the story of how I was sitting down during a PE class telling my kids to run laps and do other exercises…SITTING DOWN…I was a freaking PE teacher for goodness sake! What kind of good example was I setting for those kiddos? Not a good one, that’s for sure! I remember counting down the hours before I could go home and just lie down and watch tv because I was always tired – something needed to give!

But how do you find the motivation to one day start from scratch? Yes, I had the knowledge to exercise and eat healthy, but where would my motivation come from? I tell you, it had to come from deep within; being sick and tired of being big and lazy, I knew that baby steps would get me started. I told my husband my plan and set off to the Y every morning at 4:45am (yes, I know that’s crazy, but it was the only time I had in my crazy schedule). I found some accountability partners through an online group where we shared our workouts and nutrition tips. It’s what kept me going! And the rest is history!

It all started with motivating myself to do better for myself and my family BUT…I had to keep going! Everyone has those days where they really don’t feel like doing anything – heck, there’s even a song about that!

Things that may help you stay motivated:

  1. Set Goals! Make sure they are reasonable…don’t say I want to lose 50 pounds then get upset when the scale doesn’t budge in a week. Baby steps! Make sure the goal is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and has a time domain (SMART)
  2. Make your exercise/fitness routine FUN! If you dread going to the track and doing circles, change it up and hit the trails instead; take up biking or hit up a dance class. Step out of your comfort zone and keep things fun! It also helps keep you young! πŸ™‚
  3. Make activity part of your daily routine! Every day do something active. On our fitness tracker app at the gym, I’ve put in a daily cardio section where members can put in their own workouts/runs in case they can’t make it to the box. This helps with accountability and keeps them on track!
  4. Put your activities (fitness/nutrition) down on paper…! I used to (I should do it again!) write down everything I was going to eat the next day the night before so I was prepared for the day along with the workout I was going to tackle. Once I ate that meal or did that workout, it went on the “finished” side of my journal. That journal helped me stay on track especially with my nutrition so I didn’t have to “wing it” on a daily basis!
  5. Join forces with friends and family! Not only will you obtain the accountability, you will help them out with their fitness! It’s a WIN-WIN! πŸ™‚
  6. Reward yourself! 7 days without any sugar, buy yourself a new pair of workout shorts! 21 days straight with daily activity, take yourself out for a nice meal! Set PR’s on lifts or runs, post that stuff and let people celebrate with you! Believe it or not, people do love to celebrate other’s accomplishments, plus it helps them with their motivation too! Seeing all of my athletes at CFU accomplish what they do on a daily basis inspires me to push a little bit more even on the days I don’t feel like it!
  7. Be Flexible! Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout or two; your body will NOT fall apart! Last week I actually took 2 days off from exercising at the gym! Unheard of BUT -My body didn’t fall apart, I was right back at it on Saturday! So give yourself a break now and then and realize that you are human and things are going to come up that get in the way of some of your fitness and nutrition goals!

If anything, write down or save photos/quotes on your phone so you can see them daily. I like the positive post-its…seeing positive messages helps me stay on the right track to where my mind should be. If you are having trouble finding the motivation to either get started or keeping the momentum, reach out and let me see if I can help! We offer personal training, group classes and online training if you don’t want to start out in a gym. Just let me know at

Have a Great Week!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



When you think of this word, what does it mean to you??

*At whatever cost…

*Don’t hold back…

*All or nothing…

*Go until you can’t go any more…

*Determined to win…

*Don’t back down…

Do any of these come to mind? I’m listening to the audiobook, “Relentless” by Tim Grover…The subtitle is what caught my eye when I went to purchase it – Relentless-From Good, To Great, To Unstoppable πŸ™‚

See why it caught my eye?? I find that listening to audiobooks these days is easier for me than reading-so many distractions! So Grover was the trainer for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant…He knew exactly what buttons to push to get the most out of both of them (RIP Kobe πŸ™ ). I also finished the documentary, The Last Dance which documents MJ’s ride with the Chicago Bulls…Very good if you haven’t watched it.

In both the series and the audiobook, all of the things I mentioned above come about. These players (well, most) had an internal drive for greatness; you should want the same for yourself! Because you deserve it! You should be relentless in your pursuit of happiness – What makes you happy? Then go for it as long as it is for the greater good!

Think of all the things that you want out of life and start your pursuit of conquering all that you desire. You must know though that in some aspects you WILL have to be relentless and not back down from a challenge! I look forward to seeing the new drive in your actions (if I see you in person or just see you online!) and hope that your relentless endeavors bring you much happiness! Have a great Sunday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!